Eco Friendly Polyester Isotherm Insulation

Eco friendly Polyester Isotherm

Providing your house with the best and cost-effective ways of controlling the heating in your abode are commonly the main factors of home-owners when dealing with their roofing. However, little to their knowledge is the existence of a new product that outstands these two factors: health.

Isotherm insulation South Africa is an eco-friendly and cost-effective housing insulation of polyester base. It doesn’t contain allergens that cause skin or bronchial irritation neither does it attract not store dirt particles and microbes that would trigger allergic reactions— that is its dust-free and allergy-free. Isotherm is a smooth compact material from recycled products, which means, its material is chemical-free. It is 100% absent of toxic substances and fiberglass material that causes loose fiber particles and microbes that would yield to health issues in the long run (i.e. asthma).

 Dust free Allergy free Isotherm Ceiling and Roof Insulation

Polyester is a gentle material that even with prolonged skin contact it yields no skin irritation like itching and rashes hence, there is lesser worries on contracting skin diseases like eczema from the Isotherm installation process. It offers lesser health risks to those who install this material due to the fact that it doesn’t require any protective gear when setting it up like aerolite insulation. In addition, it requires little to no maintenance that once sealed within your ceiling and walls, you can forget about replacing the material every couple of years.

Eco friendly isotherm

Isotherm is not just a good housing insulation due to its health elements but it is also easy and safe to handle in general. It is a soft material making it easy to cut and fold. Due to its flexibility, cutting maneuvers to make it fit in tight corners of the wall is made easier. Another factor to consider in using Isotherm is its fire classification.

Having achieved a B/B ½ fire classification rating ensures its heat and fire resistance. When it comes in contact with fire, its self-extinguishing properties prevent the fire from spreading. Considering the many advantages of this product from health to environmental-friendliness to safety, it is safe to say that Isotherm would be the best option for home insulation.Isotherm Ceiling insulation for roofs is one of the most popular insulation products in South Africa today. Many aerolite installers use it as well.

Isotherm cost is lower than most roof insulation products and Isotherm roof insulation has a 30 year manufacturer guarantee. Isotherm is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles (pet)  This pollution would normally fill landfill sites for hundreds of years making for a huge environmental impact with regards pollution. Health benefits of insulating you home.

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